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16 July 2020
differences between products obtained from tomatoes

Differences between products obtained from tomatoes

The King of Mediterranean Diet Summer is definitely the best time to talk about Tomato. In fact, during this period, they reach their maximum degree of […]
19 June 2020

It’s Summer Time!

The hottest season par excellence begins on 21 June: an excellent time to consume fresher and lighter food. Fruit and vegetables are abundant and colorful in […]
10 June 2020

Sharing the tastes of Italian Food all around the world

Food is the maximum expression of the cultural identity of a nation, a fundamental element of sustainable development and social cohesion. Italian food is a real […]
21 April 2020

Nutritional and health benefits of legumes

Beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, fava beans, soybeans… Did you know that legumes are the most nutritious among plant foods, rich in fiber and quality proteins? Legumes, […]
15 April 2020

Your Customer Relationships Must Outlast Coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic has obliged businesses to maintain and build relationships with consumers when their world has been Turned up-side Down. Businesses are now facing great […]
10 April 2020

The real story of Pizza Margherita

Pizza is probably one of the most famous and appreciated dishes all over the world. The queen of pizzas is certainly the Neapolitan Margherita: simple, tasty […]
20 March 2020

Springtime and its vegetables

Seasonal vegetables are a real cure-all for our nutrition and consequently for our health. Spring is one of the richest fruit and vegetable periods of the […]
14 March 2020

The power of the Mediterranean Diet and healthy lifestyle

The Mediterranean Diet is a nutritional model inspired by the traditional food styles of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Scientists from all over the world […]
23 January 2020

The new trends of Italian food in 2020

Food trends are changing the way we eat. Get to know the food trends in 2020 that will revolutionise the food industry. Italian know-how: Flawless and […]
3 January 2020
Gulfood 2020

Italian tradition at Gulfood 2020

Gulfood is the world’s largest annual food and beverage trade exhibition, attracting more than 98,000 visitors from over 190 countries around the world, making it a […]
1 October 2019
Campagna, Anuga

Visit us at the Anuga Food Exhibition 2019

The spread of the Italian food culture is our mission in life and we accomplished it when we created Campagna Mediterranean Classics and founded our Italian […]
7 February 2019
Italian food by Corex at Foodex Japan 2019

From Italy to Foodex Japan

こんにちは,東京! Ciao, Tokyo! We’re so happy to be once again in the Land of the Rising Sun to promote the Italian food culture. From the sunny lands […]
6 February 2019
The Italian tradition at Gulfood 2019 - Corex

Eating Italian at Gulfood 2019

For the past forty years, we have been the leading exporters of the Culture of Healthy Food and Mediterranean Diet worldwide. The experience and expertise of […]
30 January 2019
Corex Biofach 2019

Our Green idea at Biofach 2019

The Mediterranean diet is a healthy lifestyle, included by UNESCO in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013, is characterized by a high […]