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10 June 2020
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It’s Summer Time!

The hottest season par excellence begins on 21 June: an excellent time to consume fresher and lighter food. Fruit and vegetables are abundant and colorful in summer, perfect for inspiring quick and easy recipes to bring to the table (even cold, without cooking).

With the warm climate there should be plenty of fruit and vegetables in our diet. It is also necessary to drink plenty of water to rehydrate the fluids lost through sweat. In summer, in the heat, a natural preference is generally determined for light, fresh and thirst-quenching foods.

So feeding in summer must be based on mineral salts, fiber and vitamins. In the summer, we can finally say goodbye to haste and avoid eating fast, to the benefit of our psycho-physical well-being. There are also a series of food recommendations that Italian Ministry of Health summarized by publishing a decalogue with 10 good general rules to follow for the summer diet. Let’s see what they are:

  1. Respect every day time and number of meals, without forgetting breakfast
  2. Increase the consumption of vegetables, fruit (fresh and dried) and yogurt. We can use these two foods for the mid-morning snack and afternoon snack
  3. Vary the foods, also in color, determined by antioxidant substances, for a complete diet
  4. Limit fatty foods and heavy cooking
  5. Favor fresh and highly digestible foods, ending the meal with fruit
  6. Smoothies and ice cream must be considered real meals. If you choose to eat them, they must replace one of the meals
  7. Avoid complete first, second and side dishes and prefer a single dish (at least for one of the two main meals), like our Red kidney beans salad or Chickpea hummus
  8. Consume a little salt and prefer it iodized
  9. Pay particular attention to the correct preservation of food, respecting the cold chain for foods that require it
  10. Drink at least 1 and a half liters of water a day

Whole grains carbohydrates, like whole wheat pasta, are also very suitable for the summer diet. Used for lunch or dinner, they have the advantage of being healthy and allow us to quickly prepare tasty cold salads and, with legumes, they become single dishes. We can use rice too, always seasoned with tomatoes or summer vegetables.