Differences between products obtained from tomatoes
It’s Summer Time!
19 June 2020
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Differences between products obtained from tomatoes

differences between products obtained from tomatoes

The King of Mediterranean Diet

Summer is definitely the best time to talk about Tomato. In fact, during this period, they reach their maximum degree of maturity and are finally ready to be harvested, processed and canned (or bottled). However, it is easy to say “tomato”: there are dozens of varieties, each with different characteristics, from colour to shape, passing through consistency and nutritional values.

In this first episode we will focus on the differences between products obtained from tomatoes. You can discover our entire range at this dedicated page. Let’s then analyze in detail the differences between Whole Peeled Tomatoes, Chopped Tomatoes, Tomato Passata and Tomato Paste.


Whole Peeled Tomatoes

whole peeled tomatoes


It is certainly the product that most closely resembles the raw material. It is, in fact, whole tomatoes, peeled and lightly seared, preserved immersed in their succulent sauce. They have a very soft consistency and cook quickly so they are suitable for last minute recipes, based on fish or as a sauce for pasta and pizza.



Chopped Tomatoes

chopped tomatoes


As the name suggests, we are talking about chopped or diced tomatoes with a fresh and slightly sour taste, preserved in their juice. They contain fewer seeds than whole peeled tomatoes and prefer longer cooking and higher temperatures. This making them perfect for soups, ragù and braised meats. Ideal also raw as a condiment for delicious “bruschetta”.



Tomato Passata

tomato passata


It is a more liquid product as the tomatoes are minced and combined with their own water after having undergone an even longer cooking process than Chopped Tomatoes and Whole Peeled Tomatoes.

The passata can be flavored with spices, garlic, onion or basil and lends itself perfectly to the preparation of dishes based on white meats, eggs or as a base for traditional sauces.



Tomato Paste


tomato paste

For a good Tomato Paste, you need tomatoes with an intense red colour, resistance of the skin to cracks and the highest possible sugar content. The concentration takes place by evaporation of the water at low pressure. This process preserves the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the product. The final product is a sauce with a creamy consistency with a sweet and decisive flavor. We suggest you to use it to enhance your recipe with a stronger taste without adding even more water.

The Double Concentrated Tomato Paste is, instead, definitely a more full-bodied and compact sauce. Its vaguely sweet and fragrant flavor gives the palate some fruity notes.


BONUS: Crushed or Chopped Tomatoes?

In both cases, we use peeled round tomatoes, cutting or pressing them through rather large holes. Based on the type of cutting and pressing, we market the product obtained as Crushed or Chopped Tomatoes.


These were the differences between products obtained from tomatoes. See you at the next Episode!

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